Say hello to Webhooks! 🎉
We are introducing a new feature: webhooks! By building a webhook between Watermelon and an external application, the chatbot can retrieve and send customer information to and from external applications. This means your chatbot has more knowledge to help your customer even better.
Do you want to set up the webhook right away? Check out our help center article, including API documentation on how to do it!
Number of conversations in statistics 📊
Sometimes, the number of conversations in statistics didn't match with reality. We've optimized the statistics, and now your number of conversations is always up-to-date!
E-mail deprecation ✉️
As already announced in December, due to our strategic decision to focus on automating conversations, we decided to remove the e-mail integration from our platform. This means that you will no longer be able to send or receive e-mails within Watermelon.
If you have any questions regarding this decision, please contact your customer success manager!
Add breaks in the website widget! ↩
When you add a break (enter) in the dialogue builder to a text or end of conversation module, these breaks will be shown in the website widget!
Some bug fixes! 🛠
We have improved the following things:
  • When multiple pictures are received via WhatsApp, multiple conversations are created. These pictures will now be visible in one conversation!
  • When an agent is deactivated, it will also be removed from the teams they were added to.
Desktop apps available for MacOS and Windows! 🖥
We have launched the new desktop apps for MacOS and Windows! Within one click, you can easily open the Watermelon platform and receive desktop notifications. Stop struggling with all those open tabs in your browser. A clean desktop with all customer questions within reach!
Go to our download page here!
Desktop apps - Changelog
New: Zapier integration! ⚙️
Yes! Our Zapier integration is live!
What is Zapier?
Zapier makes it possible to connect Watermelon with 4000+ apps. Build your own custom Watermelon-Zap and move information between your apps automatically. With Zapier, you are able to automate a lot of tasks and work more efficiently!
How can I use it?
Set up the Zapier integration by creating a free Zapier account here. Connect Watermelon to Zapier by creating an API key in the Watermelon platform. You will find a step-by-step guide in our help center.
New feature: typing indication in the website widget! 💬
From now on, your clients can see in the website widget if an agent is typing a message! With this new feature, you can manage your customers' expectations and show them that you are busy answering their questions!
Agent settings fix ⚙️
We already made some major improvements to the form and agent settings design last week. The following fixes were released this week:
  • When creating a new agent, you can immediately upload and save a profile picture.
  • You will see an error message if an agent's email address is already in use.
  • You can't change the content of a deactivated agent anymore.
Some great bug fixes 🛠
We have fixed the following bugs:
  • We have fixed the bug where attachments sent from Facebook, were received twice within Watermelon.
  • You will now receive e-mail notifications for all types of conversations.
  • You are now able to see more than ten previous conversations within the conversation overview.
  • Within previous messages in a conversation, you will now also see time stamps.
We also made some improvements within WhatsApp:
  • You are now able to change the name of WhatsApp contacts.
  • When a note is added to a picture on WhatsApp, it will be shown in Watermelon.
  • Videos are now downloaded as MP4 files instead of a document.
And last but not least, we have made some great improvements within the form and the design of the agent settings! Check it out here.
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