New API key page! 🔑
We have launched the new API key page. Within a few clicks, you can generate an API key to connect with third-party applications.
Check out the new API key page here.
Changelog - api key page
The new drop-down menu! 🔥
We launched the new design of the drop-down menu. You can now edit your profile and change your settings, but also download our apps. Check out our downloads page, because new apps are coming soon! 🚀
Changelog - dropdown menu v2
Easily open the tubemap and get an overview!
You maybe haven't noticed our tubemap yet, so let me introduce it quickly. The tubemap is a clear overview of how your conversation flow is built. You can easily open it by clicking on "
Open tubemap
" in the conversation builder.
Tubemap - changelog
View archived conversations within a conversation! 💬
It is now possible to view archived conversations within your active conversations! For the contacts that you previously archived, you will see a button "
show previous messages
" which gives you access to all your past messages in one simple click.
Reviews - Werkbestand
Some more bug fixes 🪲
Our product team worked on the following things:
  • When you forward an e-mail to an agent or team, it will now be visible under agents or teams.
  • You can now save your notes by using a save button.
  • When you forward a conversation to a team, you will now see a notification in archived conversations.
Keep your customer data safe with GDPR! 🔒
We launched an improvement of the GDPR functionality. Protect your customer data and make sure their contact information and conversations are deleted regularly, based on your internal GDPR.
How does it work?
  • Go to your GDPR settings here.
  • Select a period by using the dropdowns.
  • Click
    turn on
    to activate your GDPR. Every day at 00:00 AM (CEST) the data outside of the selected period will be deleted!
For more information about the GDPR, check this article.
Changelog GDPR
Eye-catcher fix! 💬
Our development team worked hard to fix the eye-catcher issue. You can now grab your customer's attention again by displaying the welcome message above the website widget icon.
Chatbot Melony eyecatcher
Disconnect Facebook fix & more 🔧
Some users experienced an issue with adding tags, seeing chatbot conversations, and forwarding conversations to other agents. We have solved the underlying issue, which means it's now fixed!
We've also experienced some issues while disconnecting Facebook from the Watermelon platform. You can now easily disconnect your Facebook account by clicking on the remove button.
Facebook Messenger remove
Mismatches and chatbot profile picture improvements 🤖
Our developers worked hard on styling and loading improvements this week! We also fixed the following bugs:
  • You now receive notifications and a notification sound when receiving a new email. 🔔
  • Images sent via WhatsApp are now shown in the correct size within the Watermelon platform.
  • We improved the preview of the email in the conversation overview. 📩
  • The mismatches feature is optimized. From now on, you won't see unnecessary mismatches again.
  • We improved the chatbot profile picture. You can now upload pictures and illustrations in 500x500 pixels.
Chatbot profile picture
Design & styling improvements & some bug fixes!
Our product team received great input via the new feedback platform! We have improved the design and styling of the platform this week. We fixed the following bugs:
  • We optimized scrolling within the conversation flow overview.
  • Attachments are shown correctly when testing the chatbot.
  • When receiving a new conversation, the chat jumped down. The view now remains at the correct position.
  • It is now possible to open all archived conversations again within the conversation overview and my contacts.
  • We removed the Beta label from our e-mail integration!
  • We fixed the loading of the tube map, so now you have a clear overview of your conversation flow again!
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