New Zapier trigger release & solved a bug! 🥳
To start off well this week, our development team just released a new feature and solved a small bug!
The Zapier handover trigger: By using Zapier, messages can automatically be forwarded to another tool when there is a handover from the chatbot to an agent or from the chatbot to a team.
Solved a bug:
We noticed that lazy loading was not working properly in the my contacts page. Now it works perfect and you can load all your contacts by scrolling down! 🥳
We fixed a bug regarding notifications 🛠
Our developers have been working on fixing a bug regarding the notification that is shown when picking up a conversation.
As soon as a conversation is picked up by an agent everybody would receive a notification. Now only the agent that picks up the conversation will see the notification! 👨‍💻
Improved notifications❗️
The styling and location of the notification has been changed!
As soon as you make an adjustment in Watermelon, a notification will be displayed. The notification has moved from the bottom left corner to the top and center of the screen. We have also increased the time the notification is visible and added a loading bar that indicates how long the notification will remain. ⏳
Scherm­afbeelding 2022-11-08 om 08
What does the notification look like in the platform? Here is an example:
Scherm­afbeelding 2022-11-08 om 08
Improvement in Facebook messenger 😊
Text options
, underlined and
are shown as markup option in Facebook messenger. 🥳
We fixed a bug regarding the feedback module 🤖
Our developers have been working on fixing a bug regarding the feedback module. 💪 The chatbot did not continue after the feedback module in Instagram and Facebook. Now the conversation does continue after this module. 🤗
Out of office settings improvement ⏱
Recently we've adjusted the styling of the out of office settings and today we released another great addition which is a feature we know quite a few will like! 💪🏻
As soon as the conversation is transferred to an employee (or team) outside office hours, the out of office will be sent immediately. Previously the user had to sent a message first upon receiving an Out of Office message!👨‍💻
We implemented a portal to manage your invoices and billing information! 💳
We released a portal to manage all your invoices and billing information. 💳
From now on, as an administrator you can access our portal. Here you can see all your billing history and current invoices. You can also manage your billing information, settings and payment methods. 💻
We also removed the option to review your invoices and billing history in the platform itself.
You can find it in settings > my company > plan / billing.
Improvement of out of office settings 🕛
Out of office
Mail header OOO release changelog
Our product team has made some changes to the out of office settings in Watermelon. You will now be able to turn your out of office message on and off in one simple click. 🎉
We also did a redesign of the out of office functionality to improve the user experience, this affects the way we show the days you are out of office. With the new version you can use a simple checkbox to be out of office for a full day.
Please review your settings to make sure everything is set as you wish.
Our developers made some improvements! 🛠
  • We made an adjustment in the chatbot builder. When adding long texts in a text module, the text box will change size so that you can see the whole text. Previously, the text box remained the same size.
  • When you copy the widget code (script for placing on the website) it now gives back a response: a confirmation that the code is copied! ✅
Below is an example of the confirmation
image (3)
image (4)
Our latest bug fixes 🪲✅
Our product team have fixed the following bugs!
  1. The chatbot did not respond to text when it was directly added to an attachment in WhatsApp. We have fixed the problem. You can now add text to an attachment (like a picture) in WhatsApp and it is picked up and responded to by the chatbot. 🤖
  2. The AI did not always respond well once an emoji was used in the question. We have fixed the problem and the AI will answer the question correctly. 🙂
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