Keep your customer data safe with GDPR! 🔒
We launched an improvement of the GDPR functionality. Protect your customer data and make sure their contact information and conversations are deleted regularly, based on your internal GDPR.
How does it work?
  • Go to your GDPR settings here.
  • Select a period by using the dropdowns.
  • Press
    turn on
    to active your GDPR. Every day at 00:00 AM (CEST) the data outside of the selected period will be deleted!
For more information about the GDPR, check this article.
Eye-catcher fix! 💬
Our development team worked hard to fix the eye-catcher issue. You can now grab your customer's attention again by displaying the welcome message above the website widget icon.
Chatbot Melony eyecatcher
Disconnect Facebook fix & more 🔧
Some users experienced an issue with adding tags, seeing chatbot conversations, and forwarding conversations to other agents. We have solved the underlying issue, which means it's now fixed!
We've also experienced some issues while disconnecting Facebook from the Watermelon platform. You can now easily disconnect your Facebook account by clicking on the remove button.
Facebook Messenger remove
Mismatches and chatbot profile picture improvements 🤖
Our developers worked hard on styling and loading improvements this week! We also fixed the following bugs:
  • You now receive notifications and a notification sound when receiving a new email. 🔔
  • Images sent via WhatsApp are now shown in the correct size within the Watermelon platform.
  • We improved the preview of the email in the conversation overview. 📩
  • The mismatches feature is optimized. From now on, you won't see unnecessary mismatches again.
  • We improved the chatbot profile picture. You can now upload pictures and illustrations in 500x500 pixels.
Chatbot profile picture
Design & styling improvements & some bug fixes!
Our product team received great input via the new feedback platform! We have improved the design and styling of the platform this week. We fixed the following bugs:
  • We optimized scrolling within the conversation flow overview.
  • Attachments are shown correctly when testing the chatbot.
  • When receiving a new conversation, the chat jumped down. The view now remains at the correct position.
  • It is now possible to open all archived conversations again within the conversation overview and my contacts.
  • We removed the Beta label from our e-mail integration!
  • We fixed the loading of the tube map, so now you have a clear overview of your conversation flow again!
Security update Website Widget! 🔒
We have recently made improvements to the security of the website widget! With this update, your conversations and data are even better protected.
How do you update your website widget?
Updating the website widget can be done in two easy steps.
  • Create a new website widget and place the code after the <head> tag of your website.
  • Don't forget to activate the chatbot on the new website widget.
only an administrator within your Watermelon platform can create the website widgets.
All support tools, in one overview! 💯
The new support page will be the place to go to, if you get stuck or if you want to learn more about the platform. Take an interactive tour, get your certificate in our Academy or find the answers to frequently asked questions in our Help Center.
become part of the product team, and report product ideas or improvements within our platform.
Go check out the new page here!
Support page afbeelding
New version of the Facebook Integration💥
This week we focussed on optimizing our Facebook integration and we upgraded the Facebook API to the latest version (10)!
We released the following improvements:
  • You can now use
    text in Whatsapp.
  • We fixed the issue on Facebook where mismatches were automatically forwarded to a human, although "do not forward" was selected.
  • You can now send multiple images via Facebook messenger! 📸
  • We also made sure the right dates are shown in Mollie Orders and Mollie Payment.
  • We fixed a bug where sometimes tiles weren't available in statistics.
Do you want us to implement your product idea? Send us your feedback and vote for it via our feedback platform!
Improvements of the Mollie integration! 💸
It's been a month since we launched the Mollie integration! We have received some useful feedback from our users and we have improved the following:
  • Custom fields (first name, last name, and email) are automatically selected and linked when connecting Mollie for the first time.
  • When you select or deselect a field that is needed for validation for Mollie, you will receive a notification.
  • Custom fields won't get reset after clicking outside the dropdown anymore.
  • You will always need to link a custom field to a Mollie field if you want to validate it.
  • The custom fields aren't case-sensitive, which makes it easier to search for payments/orders.
  • We have fixed the 500 error!
  • When you receive an email address from Mollie, you will always see the first and last name in a contact.
  • We have fixed some translation issues in Order and Payments.
Do you have a great idea for our Mollie integration? Let us know via our feedback form on the feature requests page!💡
Join our Watermelon product team! 🍉🎉
From today on, you can be part of the Watermelon product team! We’ve implemented a voting system where you can vote on the features you want the most and the bugs that annoy you the most. If you don’t see the one your looking for, you can even add it yourself! 💬
You decide which features are being executed! You can also view which requests are being reviewed, planned, or are in progress. 🗳
Curious about the voting system? Check it out here! ✨
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